• Benefits of Using Plugins

    Benefits Of Using Plugins

    Plugins are one of those items that are present with WordPress, but what a lot of people do not know is the many benefits of using these plugins. By knowing about these benefits, it is going to be easy for people to find the right one for their website and know this is going to help them in getting their website primed for visitors. Without this, people may continue to struggle in getting their website to rank or even worse in getting their website to do what they want it to.

    The first benefit with the plugins is their are so many of them. Now this does not mean that each topic has been covered in regards to the plugins, but it does mean that the plugins have managed to cover a majority of the topics. So people can easily find one that is going to address a need on their website from getting their Facebook Fan Page on their website to getting a store set up on their site.

    A second benefit that people are going to enjoy with the plugins is a lot of them are free. Since so many of these are free, people are going to be able to get the plugin and know it is going to help them in getting their website up and running without costing them a fortune to do it.

  • All About Monetizing A WordPress Blog

    All About Monetizing A WordPress Blog

    The idea of starting a business venture on the Internet is extremely appealing. While there are many opportunities, one of the easiest start ups is to monetize a blog. Group that with the fact that there are a ton of ways to monetize a WordPress blog, and it seems rather simple right?

    WordPress is definitely user-friendly, and practically anyone can start a blog. However, it can definitely take time and persistence in order to build up readership. One of the best ways to make money off of a blog is to pursue affiliate marketing.

    With affiliate marketing, you can select a niche and then start writing blog posts that tie into products for sale within your niche. Again, you aren’t going to be raking in the dough immediately, but you will be building a network with targeted visitors coming to your site eventually over time.

    As your readership grows, you are also going to learn more about how to best make your blog look more appealing. It does take time to learn how to utilize all the different tools and widgets in order to start making good money.

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  • 10 secrets to reach the top of the search results

    There are an estimated 1 billion websites out on the Internet these days. Getting your business website noticed among all the competition might seem nearly impossible. But following along with these 5 search engine tips and tricks can help push your site to the top of the search results.

    But first, a little background. Creating a website and getting found just a decade ago was pretty easy. It looked like this:

    1. Choose a domain name.

    2. Learn some HTML code.

    3. Do a little keyword research.

    4. Throw in some title tags and meta tags.

    5. Write in about 250 words.

    That was it. If you just did those things, in all likelihood you would have had one very searchable, easy-to-find website. Today, those simple steps are just plain inadequate to get your site noticed. Google’s newest search criteria (known as Hummingbird) came out in February and, to put it bluntly, it is looking for a lot.

    These days, Google is interested things like, “quality, authenticity, authority, and usability.” Now, that doesn’t mean that being a search engine page rock star is impossible, but it does mean there is quite a bit more work to do. Of course, I am here, so you don’t have start out completely in the dark.

    Here are 10 essential secrets (in no particular order) to optimize your website for Google’s algorithm – today and beyond.

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  • 5 Simple .htaccess Tips to Tighten Your Site’s Security

    Published August 24, 2014

    The .htaccess (short for “Hypertext Access”) come in your site’s directory may be a configuration file you\’ll be able to use to override the settings on your internet server. With the correct commands, you\’ll be able to enable/disable further practicality and options to safeguard your web site from spammers, hackers and alternative threats.
    Some of these options embody basic redirects, protection outside access to explicit files, or a lot of advanced functions like content arcanum protection or preventing image hotlinking.
    In this post, we’ll verify many easy changes you\’ll be able to build to your .htaccess file to spice up the protection of your web site.
    Boost security on your WordPress web site with these easy .htaccess tips.
    Editing .htaccessWhen you modify permalinks in WordPress, an .htaccess file is mechanically created within the root directory of your site’s install.
    When WordPress writes to associate degree .htaccess file, it invariably writes the information between # BEGIN WordPress and # finish WordPress file comments. The “#” character suggests that such lines are comments and can not have an effect on the configuration.
    These files are powerful and also the slightest software error, like forgetting a “<“ character, will break your web site. thus it’s vital to create a backup of your .htaccess file before creating any changes to that.
    Some in operation systems don’t allow you to produce a .htaccess file. the best thanks to get around this is often to:

    1. exploitation pad of paper or the same plain text editor, add your configuration commands.
    2. Save the file as a .txt file.
    3. transfer the file to your web site.
    4. Once uploaded, rename the file to .htaccess

    Also, it’s an honest plan to refresh your web site when creating every of the changes below thus you\’ll be able to quickly switch back to a previous version of your .htaccess come in case any changes offer errors.
    Protecting wp-config.phpOne of the foremost vital files in your WordPress installation is that the wp-config.php file.
    This file is found within the root of your WordPress file directory and contains your site’s base configuration details, such your WordPress security keys and info association info. This info, of course, is sensitive and anyone United Nations agency accesses it will mess along with your web site.
    You can shield your wp-config.php file by adding the subsequent snip to your .htaccess file:

    order enable,deny
    deny from all

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