• Some great Google Tricks

    A few things you might want to try with Google:

    Hand type the following prefixes and note their utility:

    link:url Shows other pages with links to that url.

    related:url same as “what’s related” on serps.

    site:domain restricts search results to the given domain.

    allinurl: shows only pages with all terms in the url.

    inurl: like allinurl, but only for the next query word.

    allintitle: shows only results with terms in title.

    intitle: similar to allintitle, but only for the next word. “intitle:webmasterworld google” finds only pages with webmasterworld in the title, and google anywhere on the page.

    cache:url will show the Google version of the passed url.

    info:url will show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages containing the url. This is the same as typing the url into the search box.

    spell: will spell check your query and search for it.

    stocks: will lookup the search query in a stock index.

    filetype: will restrict searches to that filetype. “-filetype:doc” to remove Microsoft word files.

    daterange: is supported in Julian date format only. 2452384 is an example of a Julian date.

    maps: If you enter a street address, a link to Yahoo Maps and to MapBlast will be presented.

    phone: enter anything that looks like a phone number to have a name and address displayed. Same is true for something that looks like an address (include a name and zip code)

    site:www.somesite.net “+www.somesite.+net”
    (tells you how many pages of your site are indexed by google)

    allintext: searches only within text of pages, but not in the links or page title

    allinlinks: searches only within links, not text or title

  • Tpis for Top Domain Names

    The importance of having a good domain name is that if you want your website, product and services to be successful then having a good domain name should be top of your to do list.

    The product or service that you are doing will have to be around your domain name in some way for instance if your wesite is about gardening and you have a name which is about fishing then you will have problems with traffic, so have your domain name on the same line as your site.

    6 months old What you should look for when you are going to buy your domain name is to try and get one, which is over 6 months old, and you will be able to get a good check done on it.

    Keyword rich The domain should be short and keyword rich in other words try not to get a long domain name that is hard to pronounce and not brandable.

    Indexed in Google You will want to make sure that the domain name that you buy is not banned, blacklisted or sandboxed by Google. To find out about a name you might be interested in go to Google.com and enter the search term below. Site:http://domainname.com As long as the name shows up in the listings you will know it is indexed.

    Page rank This is another very important part of your domain name as Google ranks a score to each page and it ranges from 0 to 10 (the higher the better).Ideally you should for a page rank 3 to make anything from your proposed site, but starting off with 1 and 2 is still not a bad start when you are just starting out.

    Valid When you are buying a name you will have to make sure it is valid so double check the name and you could use the below tool.

    http://valid rank.com

    Traffic Any name that you go for you will want it to attract traffic and we all know how that is important to your business, I would also put it through the alexa ranking for your site and that way you will have a good double check.

    Domain deals So where do we go to find domain names, I would look in Ebay just enter the search term “domain names” and click search. Now what I have found in the past is some people selling the domain names do not know the real worth of some names so you could pick up a bargain. So with what I have told you about domain names go now and get one.

  • Found a good Host

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  • Great Price on Domain Name

    Found this on a blog and thought Id pass it on.

    For all of you looking to register your new blog domains, GoDaddy is having another domain sale as they often do.
    Just enter SOCCER99 in the coupon form to see the discounted price of 99 cents along with the additional 18 cents ICANN fee.

    You may also get a free matching .info domain (if available) for just the ICANN fee of 18 cents with the purchase of a .com domain

    Note, the deal is not valid on renewals

    Remember: Paypal Payment not allowed and limit one!